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LACTACEL-W is an inoculant for silaging of sugar beet pulp pellets. LACTACEL-W is a bacterial and enzymatic bioformulation containing lactic acid bacteria and cellulytic enzymes of main endo-l,4-beta-glucanase, xylanase and glucoamylase activity, causing partial decomposition of raw pulp fibres during silaging, resulting in release of monosacharides to the level forming a sufficient media for lactic acid bacteria development. Analysis results for sugar beet pulp silages prepared with the LACTACEL-W formulation confirm reduction in a raw fibre level caused by enzymes in the formulation and produced by bacteria during the silaging process. Silages produced from sugar beet pulp with LACTACEL-W added receive very good notes. They are characterised by their smell of fresh pulp and well preserved silage structure, and are readily eaten by pigs and cattle.

Consists of:

A-a granulated bacterial formulation:
The formulation contains strains of lactic acid bacteria:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum KKP/788/p
  • Lactobacillus plantarum KKP/593/p
  • Lactobacillus buchnerii KKP/907/p

The lactic acid bacteria strains in the formulation have exceptional ability to biosynthesise enzymes: xylanase and endo-1,4-beta-glucanase.

B-a liquid concentrate containing fodder enzymes:

  • endo1,4-beta-glucanase
  • endo-xylanase
  • glucoamylase


The formulation is available as a set for 30 tonnes of sugar beet pulp.

  • 1 set/dose per 30 tonnes of matter

For silaging of sugar beet pulp we also offer a bacterial bioformulation LACTOSIL.