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MICROSAN for septic tanks and household treatment plants

A microbiological formulation for hygienisation of septic tanks and household treatment plants of any type.

Available packaging:

• 10g
• 250g
• 1 kg
• Carton box of 125x75x115, containing 30x10g



Microsan contains specialist, fast-multiplying microorganisms facilitating a natural process for decomposition of organic residues (waste, paper, plant residues, and fats). These bacteria can synthesise enzymes accelerating decomposition of organic residues. Microsan ensures fast and effective separation of waste which is first liquefied and then decomposed into completely safe and environmentally friendly simple compounds and water. This way the septic tank is cleaned of accumulated sediments and a frequency of tank emptying is reduced.

  • Removes unpleasant smells from the septic tank and the sewage system.
  • Prevents microbiological contamination.
  • Cleans and restores patency of the sewage system and the septic tank.
  • When used in household biological treatment plants it guarantees their reliable operation.
  • Accelerates residues decomposition in a septic tank.

Detergents present in waste water do not reduce its effectiveness.



Pour contents of a sachet (10g) into a toilet and wash thoroughly with water.

Initial dose: 2 sachets per 1-3 m3

Maintenance dose:
  • 1-3 m3: 1 sachety every 14 days
  • 4-8 m3: 2 sachets every 14 days
  • 8 m3: 4 sachets every 14 days

After any breaks in dosing, follow the instructions for initial and maintenance dosing.