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Probiotics and sanitary and hygienic products

Use of antibiotics as feed additives is increasingly criticised by consumers and by veterinary and medical circles, particularly, as pathogenic bacteria are able to develop cross resistance to antibiotics used as medications. This situation increases the importance of use of lactic acid bacteria, probiotics (having status of safe to human and animal health (GRAS)) in feed. Probiotics attractiveness results from a strong inhibiting effect of lactic acid bacteria on growth of pathogenic microorganisms. POLSIL BIOPREPARATY launched probiotic formulations for animals that were developed and produced by Polish scientists.

For a correct microclimate in livestock buildings, and improvement in their sanitary and hygienic conditions we offer a microbiological formulation MICROSAN, also recommended for microbiological processing of manure and slurry. We also offer a specialist formulation, Microsan for septic tanks and household treatment plants, for hygienisation of septic tanks and household treatment plants of any type.