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A yield increasing formulation rich in amino acids. Contains plant L-amino acids (42.6%) obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis, and microelements.
Ideal for field, orchard, vegetable and flower crops. Stimulates cellular expansion and shoot elongation in adverse weather conditions.



Available packaging:

  • 1,00 l
  • 5.00 l
  • 25.00 l



  • Extract of plant origin: 
  • organic nitrogen (N) 7.6% 
  • amino acids 42.6% 
  • organic carbon 21.0% 
  • iron (Fe) 1.2% 
  • manganese (Mn) 0.6% 
  • zinc (Zn) 0.7%



  • improves effects of important enzymes and naturally accelerates plant growth and development
  • increases plant productivity
  • increases plant resistance to stress factors, including drought, frost, diseases, or soil salinisation
  • L-amino acids in the formulation make cell walls more permeable to microelements, resulting in better plant "nutrition"
  • significantly accelerates simultaneous absorption of other fertilisers and systemic pesticides, ensuring higher effectiveness and their most effective use



  • rape, cereals, maize, sugar beet, potatoes: at the vegetation onset, at the 8-10 leaves stage, a dose of 1-1.5 L/ha
  • fruit trees: from the break of dormancy to the harvest, 4-5 times, foliar application with other fertilisers and pesticides, 1.5-2 L/ha
  • berry shrubs: 1-1.5 L/ha, 2-3 times
  • vegetable crops: foliar application 3-4 times, 1-1.5 L/ha
  • flower crops: foliar application throughout the whole cultivation cycle, at a dose of 1-1.5 L/ha

The dose refers to 300 L of water per hectare.