POLSIL BIOPREPARATY SP.J. was established in Poland in 2003. Our main operations focus on sale and promotion of the use of various biotechnological formulations in agriculture.

We started our operations with inoculants, bacterial additives for bulky feed preservation, developed by Polish scientists at the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology, a centre with 100 years of tradition.

For many years now, we have provided the best range of inoculants in Poland, and we have been a leader in this market sector.

To meet the increasing requirements of our customers, we continuously expand our offer with new innovative products adapted to needs of the modern agriculture in Poland, including: BISPEED, a plant growth stimulator stimulating regeneration and higher yield, MG Mikroorganizmy Glebowe (Soil Microorganisms), a fertilising bacterial formulation for soil applications, or BIAMINO, a yield supporting formulation of rich amino acid content based on enzymatic hydrolyse technology.